'Wyclef Jean' Vid Director Had 'No Idea' Young Thug Was Releasing Video!

To say that Young Thug's $100K video for single 'Wyclef Jean' was nothing short of a comedy genius, despite the rapper turning up incredibly late for his own shoot, would be an understatement! 


Despite the trap star's no-show, co-director Ryan Staake clipped together a hilarious edit including some of the bloopers and how the planned shoot didn't go to plan. Little did he know, the joke was on him after his edit was released with him having 'no idea' about it.



Staake revealed his surprise reaction to the release with Rolling Stone, saying, “I honestly had no idea that this thing was coming out until it came out. I had a sense that, ‘OK, I’ve delivered it, they’ve paid the final invoice, things seem good,’ but based on the way things had gone, I wasn’t really ready to get my hopes up.”


The co-director and founder of Brooklyn-based production company Pomp&Clout, was working late in his office on Monday when he discovered that the video had been released, but is now happy with the result.



"The reaction since then has been really positive and it’s been exciting to see,” he continues, before also revealing that other directors have also been in touch with “similar horror stories.”


Staake's visual creation has even received the thumbs up from Wyclef Jean himself who tweeted:




The co-director also shared his thoughts on why he thought the video was accepted saying: "they were so far down this path at this point, to bail on it would have been even more wasteful than even the initial debacle.”


Read the full interview HERE. Watch the video below.





Words: Keisha McDonald


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