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'Bestie' s Yungen & Yxng Bane Date The Same Girl In The Latest 'Date Challenge'

With their hit song 'Bestie' storming the music scene, we're sure Yungen and Yxng Bane aren't having any trouble finding a date or two.



But in the boys latest episode of 'Date Challenge', the UK hitmakers go head-to-head in a bid to win over the attention of the same date...at the same time!



The two artists have been promoting their latest collab 'Bestie' with a series of dating challenges including texting someone throughout a date, stealing their dates food and obessing over themselves during a date.



Between Yxng Bane's knowledge of Macbeth and Yungen's impeccable memory, which star came out on top? Find out the penultimate episode of Yung vs Yxng: Date Challange above.


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