UPDATE: Mike Tyson Jumps In the Booth For Soulja Boy Diss track

The heat is turning up on the Chris Brown and Soulja Boy beef, as Mike Tyson not only offers to train C Breezy but has picked up the mic on his behalf to create a diss track for his trainee's opponent.


The boxing star revealed his musical debut on Twitter last Sunday, posting a picture of himself in the studio, promising to deliver the 'Heat'.






As promised, Iron Mike delivered on his word with a 30-second snippet of his Damon Elliott-produced track called 'It's Going Down.' The athlete doesn't beat around the bush, keeping the lyrics simple and to the point singing, "If you show up, it's going down. I'm gonna teach him how to knock your ass out.".


According to TMZ, Chris Brown will also be offering up a verse on the full track with a rumoured music video in the works as well. 


Now that's something we'd REALLY like to see.


Check out the promo clip below:




After previewing the track over a week ago, Mike Tyson has FINALLY released the full music video for his Soulja Boy diss track -'If You Show Up'. And we must say, it's not quite what we expected.

The video, which starts off with a bunch of girls working out, doesn't feature Chris Brown or Mike Tyson until rght at the end; with the girls beating up a Soulja Boy look-a-like at the end.


Take a look for yourselves below:


Words: Keisha McDonald


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