#TheGreatDebate: Leah CK Tackles Domestic Violence On Drivetime

Always one to host the hottest debates on radio, Leah CK is back with special guest Dr Karen Johnson & Dasha Morjaria Dalal to tackle the sensitive subject of domestic abuse.


Through her charity 'Out Of The Corner' Dr Karen Johnson offers victims and survivors of domestic abuse around the world.


As well as providing information, guidance, help and support with daily quotes and messages of inspiration on their various Facebook pages for victims and survivors of domestic abuse, 'Out Of The Corner' also deliver writing courses based on the needs of their clients so that tell their stories and rebuild their lives.



In 2014, Dr Karen released her autobiography 'Out Of The Corner' to critical acclaim. In the book she raised awareness of Domestic abuse, lifting the lid on her own experiences and bully/dominator tactics to stop abusive relationships forming.


The autobiography went GLOBAL and so did Dr Karen and the 'Out Of The Corner' organisation, spurring on many TV and radio interviews as well as awards that have helped bring the issue to light.


As part of Leah CK's #TheGreatDebate - Breaking the silence on Domestic Violence - Leah will also be speaking to  Dasha Morjaria Dalal about the Justice for Meera petition 30 degrees  stop to suicide death from domestic abuse out of the corner supporting victims and survivors of domestic abuse.


Catch this unmissable #TheGreatDebate on Leah CK Drivetime this Friday 13th October from 4-7pm



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