South London’s Very Own Fuse ODG Debuts NANA Clothing At Caribbean Fashion Week

Fuse expressed how thrilled he was to promote his clothing line whilst premiering his beautiful pieces at ‘Caribbean Fashion week'.  ‘I’m honoured to have brought my new Africa message to Jamaica through my music, and having debuted NANA on the Caribbean Fashion Week runway.’


Being a country that is diverse with different cultures, making his premiere must have been nerve racking but also exciting.

He had beautiful pieces ranging from joggers, swimwear’s, children’s clothing, to dolls all at affordable prices. His eye-catching elegant pieces flourished down the runway leaving us mesmerised. The vibrant prints and colours kept the crowd amazed. ‘New African Nation is something that encapsulates what Africa is now. The stuff I saw on TV about Africa when I was growing up was so negative… but these kids have grown up now, and they’re showing the successful and positive side of Africa – it’s about cultural identity and being proud of where you’re from.’



We at The Beat London feel that his clothing line will make a huge impact. On the younger generation. Being able to explore their cultural identity. Take a look at the full collection here:


Words: Shanakay 


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