Shorty Bless Catches Up With Lauren Ackie

Always one to champion sick UK talent, DJ Shorty Bless will be talking new beginnings with singer Lauren Ackie in the lead-up to her EP release of 'Genesis'.


Heavily influenced by 90's R&B, Lauren Ackie's soulful harmonies and edgy style has rapidly caught the attention of her growing fanbase, creating a popular catalogue of remixes, refixes and originals songs that show Lauren's creativity at it's finest.


Having found a passion for singing at just 7 and the art of songwriting at 16, it wasn't long before Lauren started taking charge of her artistry in all it's aspects. From her choice in melodies, her clarity in storytelling through song lyrics, to the pick in cover art for her projects, Lauren pays great attention to her art believing that "music should appeal to all your senses, not just your ears. It's about what you see and feel; what you remember and where you've been or where you haven't."


Lauren breathes creativity and wants to be able to invoke tangibility through her music. "For someone to listen to my music and be able to see and feel what I do, even if it's something they haven't directly been through. To have that multiple times over? That's the dream."


With her new EP 'Genesis' due to be released on the 9th April, the sky's the limit for this songbird.


Don't miss Shorty Bless catch up with Lauren Ackie this Monday 10th April from 7-9pm 


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