Protesters Plead For Channel 5 'Gangland' Documentary To Be Taken Down

After the recent airing of the channel 5 documentary 'Gangland', it would be fair to say that many in the black community were angered about the representation of young black youths and the aftermath of the docu-drama.


The recent broadcasting of the program sparked a peaceful protest outside channel 5's headquarters, with the crowd pleading with the channel to take the documentary series off air. One of the men leading the protest made reference to the bad timing of the documentary's release at a time when poverty is at an all-time high and young people being disillusioned and misrepresented. The gentleman named Kwame also compared the effects of the documentary to the Nazi propoganda perpetuated by minister  Joseph Goebbels to the Jews.


Another recognisable protester was Chris Preddie OBE whose thoughts on the channel 5 doc recently went viral, with many identifying with what MDR (Make Dreams a Reality) youth leader.





Watch the full video below and let us know your thoughts.




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