Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Engaged


The world’s most notorious eligible bachelor and currently the fourth in line to the throne is officially off the market.


Whilst most of us were dreading the Monday travel to work, Megan Markle, star of hit TV series Suits, has “secured the bag” according to twitter users, who were beyond elevated that the British Royal Family would finally be having its first black princess.




Yes, Megan Markle is bi-racial, white fathered with an African American mother, but considering past president, Obama, is mixed race like Megan, and was commonly associated as black, it seems appropriate to link the two.


The outpour of love especially during the Brexit spell and recent attacks has been welcomed by all, with many tweets and memes from the black community praising both the royal family for its diversity and Megan’s mother, for raising an incredibly talented woman who is now setting history.


The big question on everyone's lips is, are we getting another bank holiday?


Words : Zainab Alejo


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