Mr Carter It’s About Time: 4:44 Black Excellence

If you don’t own a Tidal account we advise you to get one as soon as possible. Four years ago he gave us ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail’, and now Jay Z has returned like he never left.


He kept his ears to the streets! Jay-Z has made appearances on some of the biggest tracks since he’s been away, giving us snippets of what we could expect from his new project, going in and out of retirement to keep us entertained.



Every time Jay-Z blesses us and comes out of retirement, he gives us something new and we get ecstatic. Released June 30th available only on Tidal each song gives us more insight in Mr Carter's Life.


Waiting and anticipating his response to Beyoncé’s Grammy Award winning album ‘Lemonade’, '4:44' has already answered some of our burning questions and don’t know how to act.



Who is Becky? What did you do Jay? Not forgetting the incident that happened with Solange in the elevator, he briefly talks about it. And we were shookth.


The album consist of 10 tracks from start to finish he keeps us engaged. All timed at 4:44, he gives us black excellence like we have never heard before. His way of using words is what makes him the greatest of all time. We cannot stress how good it is. If you want to know what happened between ‘Jay’ and ‘Bey’ you may need have to consider making a Tidal account as it's the only way to get your hands on it.


Not knowing what the ‘44:4’ stands for we have made my own theory we might be over thinking, at least we gave it a shot. Okay so here it goes Beyoncé’s album was released on the 4th month in 2016, she served us sweet ‘Lemonade’ and we were quenched. Also born on the 4th of September. And if you wasn’t sure where we were going with this Mr Shawn Carter was brought into this world on the 4th of December.


Mind blowing right.

What’s your theory?


Words: Shanakay Gordon


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