Marc Jacobs Spring 2017 Runway Show Deemed Offensive

During his Spring 2017 runway show, Marc Jacobs sent down a cast of models wearing colourful dreadlocks. The move was immediately met with severe criticism.


Hair stylist of the show Guido Palau defended the choice, telling Harper’s Bazaar that show was inspired by Matrix director Lana Wachowski who has a similar hairstyle. He also referenced Harajuku as well as rave culture as influences. In another interview with The Cut, he denied that Rastafarian culture was in any way an inspiration.


Whilst Marc Jacobs and Guido Palau didn’t see the problem, many others did, taking to social media to vent their frustration.



 If Marc Jacobs thought people were upset before, he was not ready for the onslaught of criticism he would receive afterwards.




Words: Bola Olashore


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