Etana Blesses The Inner Gold Show

On this week’s #InnerGoldShow Mikee and Heartical will be joined reggae songstress Etana who was recently in the U.K as part of Morgan Heritage’s Averkadabra tour.


The name Etana means “The Strong One” in Swahili, and it’s a title she more than lives up to with her music and presence. Since debuting in 2006 with the thought provoking single “Wrong Address,” the Jamaican-born singer has established herself as one of the most powerful and distinctive voices in reggae, blazing a new trail in a genre that has long been male-dominated. Etana’s story begins in August Town, a treacherous but culturally rich garrison community in eastern Kingston that has produced such musical talents as Sizzla and Israel Vibration. Growing up, Etana’s home was filled with music, but it was country and western that she recalls leaving the biggest impression.



Etana discovered her talent at the age of 6 while singing at home in the backyard for her aunt. Her charming voice beaconed a huge audience of neighbors who gathered to here “little Shauna” sing. Etana’s backyard singing led to microphones of local sound systems playing in the neighbourhood and that’s where he love of music began. Etana’s family relocated to South Florida when she was nine where she started middle and sang on the school choir, she was chosen to sing the “Star Spangle banner” at school functions but never thought much of having a career in music at that time.


Etana began her music career, almost by accident, while studying nursing at a local community college. She joined a girl group in Miami after being invited to an audition by a friend.



Four albums into her career and a number of years later, Etana has become a role model in Jamaica with her message and action. Etana has used her success in music to create a charity organization in Jamaica “Strong One Foundation” where she helps teenage mothers and girls who have been abused to receive counselling, regain strength and financial support to continue their education. Etana has also continued touring since the release of her I Rise album and is currently in studio recording her fifth studio album.

Tune in to this week’s #InnerGoldShow as Mikee and Heartical welcome Etana to the show.


Don't miss Etana On The Inner Gold Show this Wednesday 17th May from 11pm-1am


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