'Black Panther' Premiere is the image of true Black Excellence

Purple really was the colour of decadence last night as the cast of Black Panther walked the red carpet in Los Angeles, well in this case the purple carpet. the stars graced the carpet which was transformed into a striking purple which represents Royalty, extravagance, grandeur and a long list of complimentary connotations which fit the film to a T. Adhering to Disney's 'royal attire dress code', the starts did not disappoint. 

the purple carpet was nothing short of amazing with a hint of style, fashion and a salute to traditional African attire. 

the stars pulled out all the stops and if the red carpet is anything to go by, the film will surely not disappoint. so much so pictures of the event quickly circulated on Instagram and Tw

itter leaving users more than impressed, with one user simply tweeting "BLACK PANTHER, my goodness, i am in awe, this is what you call black excellence". 


director Ryan Coogler dressed to the nines in a suave fitted suite with traditional African accents to compliment the theme, with stars implementing their own taste of Africa to salute the film. At the entrance of the carpet stood a giant statue of a panther strategically placed, to welcome guests to Wakanda, the fictitious nation in which the film is set. The film plays homage to African culture through its scenic views whilst staying true to its marvel roots

with extravagant action sequences but from the trailer, the film still manages to ooze decadence.


the film features Oscar winner Lupita Nyong'o, Micheal B Jordan and Chadwick Boseman who plays the protagonist of the film, as well as a plethora of talented stars who bring the amazing film to life, from the likes of Angela Bassett, Daniel Kaluuya and Forest Whitaker. 


The film is one of, if not the most anticipated film of 2018 which follows the story of T'challa who returns to Africa to take his place as the rightful king of Wakanda, following the death of his father. the journey however is halted as his sovereignty is challenged due to conflict which puts Wakanda, as well as the world at risk. T'challa must rally allies in order to release the full potential of The Black Panther in order to defeat the enemy and ensure the safety of his people. The film takes viewers away from the generic conventions of Marvel films which has left viewers eager to see, as this is a completely new direction for marvel in terms of film, and the movie is a definite Blockbuster. 

The UK release date is set for the 12th February 2018 


words: Millie Ntaisi





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