THE BEEF IS BACK! Ja Rule Hits Back at 50 Cent Diss

In a world of Nicki vs Cardi, Nicki vs Remy and Nicki vs quite frankly every other female rap artist In the game right now, it is rare that you still hear feuds involving the surviving male rappers.

Now this feud is about as new as the Iphone 4 but it seems to have never fully died down. Recently, 50 went live on air on Big Boy's 92.3FM, a station in the US and stated that he would 'put Ja Rule to bed' If he saw him. This is ironic because the two have actually met before as they had once been 'on the same flight'  but it is a known fact that you can get into trouble with the federal law for causing a fight on a plane so nothing happened.

Obviously, the twitter trolls were immediately on this and within a few hours the keyboard warriors had informed Ja Rule of 50's words. The former Murder Inc rapper clapped back with a series of tweets aimed at 50 such as 'Fun Hip Hop Fact: @50Cent is a p*ssy'  and very confidently said 'EVERYONE knows I make better music am a better artist he stole my whole style'...Let's hope he throws a punch stronger than his grammar #ItsImNotAm 

In all honesty, it does seem that Ja Rule was minding his own business and that it's 50 that won't stop talking about him. So let's think about why this could be, with the success of Power produced by 50 Cent he has a name to live up to as his new show '50 Central' hasn't had quite the same response. One of the many famous phrases in showbiz is that 'any publicity is good publicity' so ultimately this could have just been a publicity stunt which in this case, 50 Cent has won. 

Watch the clip from the interview below.

written by @lucianjay_



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