The Beat London Join The Army And YOU Can Too!

The Beat London have teamed up with the Army London to help YOU find a career that suits you (and we're not talking about being on the front line).


As well as joining the Army Reserves, the Army have over 200 job opportunities that are non-combat ranging from Chefs, Plumbers and even Musicians. Not quite what you see on TV right? If you can give up 27 days a year you can learn new skills AND get paid too!



The Army are committed to recruiting from diverse communities as they appreciate they are under represented.  


Still doesn't sound like your thing? There are also opportunities in the Elite Sports programme including football and boxing. If you are talented you can play football for the Army and be paid for it!


There is more to the Army than fighting wars.  The Army were deployed to the Caribbean to provide immediate assistance with the humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts in response to Hurricane Irma. Click here to read more  



We have the Beat London Top 10 jobs in the Army. Express your interest by clicking on the link below each job and find out more.


1. Chef

2. Musician

3. Vehicle Mechanic 


4. Design draftsman

5. Royal Engineers Carpenter & Joiner

6. Ceremonial Gunner 


7. HR Officer

8. Student nurse

9. Plumber

10. Logistic Postal Courier


To find out more about the events they organise to give young people a taste of the life with the Army check out the Shared Outcomes 2 day event photos where our Drivetime presenter Ellie joined in for the day. 







The Elite Sports Programme

If you’re a talented athlete then consider being a part of the Army’s Elite Sports Programme.  The Army Elite Sport Programme launched in October 2014, draws on the extensive experience developed by UK Sport, EIS and sporting National Governing Bodies in the areas of talent identification, athlete development and ultimately delivery of medal-winning athletes as evidenced from the success at the recent Olympic Games in Rio.



If you’re a talented boxer you could train with the Army at their specialist centre in Aldershot. The Beat London will be covering an event there soon so watch this space to find out how you can get involved!


Army Jobs Role Finder


Not sure what you want to do? Visit the Army Role Finder select your areas of interest and it will come up with jobs that may suit you check it out here (Rename “Find your job”)



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