Angie Le Mar Catches The Vibe

She's conquered the world of TV and Radio. She's successfully juggled being an entrepreneurial business woman alongside directing, producing and writing. And thirty years later she's also recognised as the first female stand-up on the black comedy circuit, winning multiple awards for her comedy.


With all her achievements so far, Angie Le Mar is about to bring her comedic genious straight to her audience, showcasing her signature fun & out-of-the-box style.



As one of Britain’s top comediennes, Angie has successfully harnessed the power of laughter to create inspiring and thought provoking productions. From stage to radio to TV to the written page Angie is a proven hit with a multicultural audience – male, female, young and old alike. She is equally at home with quick-fire comedy, acutely observed character sketches and solid acting performances.


And now, Angie is taking her act on the road once more and bringing her hilarious comedian son, Travis Jay, with her for an evening called '50ish and Still Standing'. 



Don't miss Angie Le Mar catch The Vibe with Travis Jay & Candace this Saturday 13th May from 10am-1pm 


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