AfroHits Kick It With Niniola Apata

Always one to bring the party to our airwaves, the AfroHits team are back at it this Thursday adding even more flavour with this special guest...


Joining them in the hot seat this week is singer songwriter Niniola Apata!


Having been labelled the 'Human radio' as a kid for her incredible ability to sing any song, it was clear from an early age that Niniola was destined for musical greatness.


Her glass shattering vocals has allowed the star to carve out her own lane in the afro-house scene, with her first Official Single “IBADI” creating massive waves in Nigeria and the rest of the continent as well as her follow-up release 'GBOWODE'.



Following successful releases of all her songs Niniola decided to continue dropping HIT songs which lead to the release of 'SOKE', 'SHABA', 'J’ETE' & 'JIGI JIGI'. All the songs went on to be another fans favorite and topped radio charts yet again.


With her current HIT single MARADONA playing on every Television Station, Radio Station and Topping Charts globally it’s safe to Say NINIOLA is here to STAY.


Niniola has also worked with EDDY KENZO from Uganda. The BET AWARD Winner featured her on the remix of his HIT single MBILO MBILO. Niniola has graced many stages since releasing her debut single and is preparing to grace more in the coming years.


Don't miss Niniola Apata on the Afrohits show TONIGHT (26.10.17) from 9-11pm


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